ROSWEALTH is the USD 5 Billion worth Family Trust created by Manuel Ros to incorporate his wealth.

Apr 14, 2020

London, Apr 15, 2020 ( - The identity chooses for the Family Trust seems to confirm Manuel Ros's intention to create his own family, having as a major project to transfer his heritage's control to his successors. ROSWEALTH represents the achievement made by the well-known Italian entrepreneur, "an entity to incorporate the results of the hard work l have done until today and organized to acting for the benefit of my future children's," said the Founder.

Manuel Ros thinks now to the future, retain the time to prepare his child's future has come. At the moment, he is not married and has no kids, but intends to deliver his heritage into his future family's successors in a proper manner. Desire to allow them to live a better experience, avoiding the mistakes and sacrifices himself did.

ROSWEALTH is a Family Trust representing the real owner of all companies, assets, investments, along with anything has been created or acquired by Manuel Ros all over his carrier. With the move, the Italian businessman has decided to lose its heritage's ownership, appointing through a large legal structure, the Family Trust as the exclusive and active owner of his entire wealth, selecting his future successors as beneficiaries.

ROSWEALTH have the private family headquarter in the middle of the most prestigious area in London, just a few steps away from Buckingham Palace, called Mayfair. The exclusive address located in front of St. James's Park, evidence the firm intention of Manuel Ros to deliver to his family the results of his career, offering them the best comfort possible.

ROSWEALTH headquarter organized over nine floors and formed by an excess of 3,300 m2 of space, is the only occupier of the entire building, representing Manuel Ros's private family office. The internal entity it's composed of over 110 staff, all in charge of managing Manuel Ros personal wealth, worthy over USD 5 Billion, including equities, assets, investments, properties, luxury vehicles, super-yachts, and more, along with various business interests worldwide. 

The internal team is organized to satisfy each single investment needs, along with supervising all companies' operations. The business body, as well as part of the wealth that Mr. Ros has moved into the Family Trust for his future children's benefit.

Manuel Ros is not only the Founder but the creator of the whole Family Trust concept. For its management, he involves prime banking and advisory institutions, in charge of handing the family entity activities, rules, and regulations, including the whole heritage. Having the purpose to handover, the entire wealth to Manuel Ros's children's throughout a well-managed and self-running system, for the enjoyment he wishes to offer.

ROSWEALTH become as well, the owner of the business empire, existing under the financial holding FINSOR, incorporated now under a dedicated Corporate Trust. The Family Trust value includes the business body, representing a substantial wealth already creates for children that, for the moment, Manuel Ros hopes to have one day in the future.

The Founder declares that ROSWEALTH, is not made for business and is not open to the public; it is the private family office, where are taken actions and decisions for his family benefit. The single members part of the staff, are considered as family, "being, the ones that will be going to take care of my children's," said Manuel Ros. The Founder seems to decide to look at the future, as never did before, receiving the support of close friends that he has involved in managing ROSWEALTH.

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