New Jersey Based Rapper Kevin Jere is The New Music Sensation

Jan 26, 2021

Asbury Park, New Jersey Jan 27, 2021 ( - The young but seasoned rapper and songwriter, Kevin Jere was born on the 29th of  November 1994, raised in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Describing his early childhood as "A lot of lessons learned, the knowledge gained, and a wide range of emotions. I looked at it as a tv show in the sense of how a character develops throughout the seasons. Overall though I spent most of my early years outdoors playing sports."

In his lyrical projects, Kevin displays a fresh perspective on life. His positive understanding of difficulties has strengthened his artistic poignancy.

"I'm always writing, whether it's a full page or just a sentence, I make sure to write my thoughts and ideas. I'm also into fitness and taking care of myself. As for philanthropic ventures, I really feel there should be more of an effort in ending homelessness. It's crazy how we can have a billionaire and someone that's homeless all in the same city. I also would end world hunger. People, especially children shouldn't have to worry about what and when their next meal is going to be.", stated Kevin.

Kevin's fascination with financial success and art represents his love for promoting positivity. He believes in giving, through music. He aims to become a national level activist and a world-renowned singer. He is committed to giving equality and autonomy to those suffering in his community.

His charitable position continues to evolve through his music.  Kevin may be considered a living incarnation of a free spirit. The success and crafts of his life consistently demonstrate his exenteration of himself as he embraces his heritage. He plans to use his life story and platform to spread passion and self-love.

Like all musicians, Kevin had an unconventional start, "Back in high school, I actually received some scholarships from Division 1 (One)  schools like Boston College and Bucknell for football, but ended up losing them due to a knee injury. I did try going to a community college, but ended dropping out two months in." He stated. During this time His talent and interest in the musical and performing arts grew. He based his efforts and time, in particular, on the growth of his vocal and songwriting skills.

When asked about his achievements he stated," My music is on an increase in streams and gaining more support and daily encouragement from my fans, which is a great feeling. I've also done a lot of shows in the past, whether it was with Smoke Dza or Retchy P both were great experiences."

There is more in-store from Kevin Jere apart from his love of humanity and music. In an interview, he teased new content.

"Yeah, I have a lot of new music and videos on the way. I plan on dropping an album titled," Cups of Mayhem." After that, release a ton of singles. The output is definitely going to increase. Also, I plan on having some collaborations as well."

The world needs more individuals like Kevin Jere, individuals that have a strong desire to make the world better the best way they can.

With his ability to surprise there will be greater accomplishments to cover in no time!

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