BTCE is the next Bitcoin It has the characteristics to be

Jan 26, 2021

A fast, secure "Green" Blockchain with features that Bitcoin cannot have.

Anzio, Roma Jan 27, 2021 ( - The ICO has begun, the BTCE is in the final phase of development and the Blockchain will be launched in Stage 3 of the ICO, between March and April 2021.
What are the points that differentiate the BTCE from Bitcoin?


These transaction primitives allow core support for:
- asset exchange
- alias registration
- encrypted messages
- digital goods store
- monetary system
- voting system
- phased transactions
- account control
- shuffling
- account properties
- cloud data

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In its current state, the BTCE network can process up to 1,000,000 transactions per day more than 30 times Bitcoins current peak values. The planned implementation of Transparent Forging will allow for near instant transaction processing, drastically increasing this limit.

The average block generation time for BTCE has historically been shown to be about 20 seconds, putting the average transaction processing time at the same value.
Transactions are deemed safe after ten confirmations, meaning that transactions are permanent in less than 4 minutes.

The incentives provided by BTCEs Proof of Stake algorithm provide a low Return on Investment of approximately 0.1%. Since no new coins are generated with each block, there is no additional mining reward that incentivizes combining efforts to generate blocks.
Data shows that the BTCE network has remained highly decentralized since its inception: a large (and growing) number of unique accounts are contributing blocks to the network.

Analysis of the cost and energy efficiency of the BTCE network shows that the entire BTCE ecosystem can be maintained for about $60,000USD per year, which is currently almost 2,200 times less expensive than the cost of running the Bitcoin network.

Since the complete supply of BTCEs 21 billion coins was created with the genesis block, there is no inflation in BTCE. Deflationary pressures are likely to affect BTCE in the future, and a planned feature called Antideflation will address that problem.

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