Cancer-causing chemical taints water after California blaze

Apr 18, 2019

Officials say the drinking water in Paradise, California, is contaminated with the cancer-causing chemical benzene after a deadly wildfire last year

For school shooting survivors, trauma has no time limit

Apr 18, 2019

Many students aren't seeking mental health care after a school shooting, while others wait years to reach out

Washington set to be 1st state with long-term care benefit

Apr 18, 2019

Washington is poised to become the first state to establish a program creating a benefit to help offset long-term care

Study: Genetic test predicts middle-aged obesity risk

Apr 18, 2019

Scientists say a genetic test can identify newborns at heightened risk of becoming severely obese by middle age, possibly giving time for interventions designed to head off that fate

Legionnaires' disease found in adjacent California prisons

Apr 18, 2019

Officials say tests show Legionnaires' disease bacteria that killed one inmate and sickened another is more widespread than expected in a California state prison

Tick, tick, tick: Alaska braces for invading parasites

Apr 17, 2019

Alaska health and wildlife officials are taking steps to track undesirable parasites showing up in the state

60 people charged in illegal prescription opioid crackdown

Apr 17, 2019

Federal authorities say they have charged 60 people for their roles in illegally prescribing and distributing millions of pills containing opioids and other drugs

Doctor's dosing prompts a look at more hospital regulation

Apr 17, 2019

State officials are considering how Ohio might increase regulation of hospitals following allegations that a doctor ordered potentially fatal doses of painkillers for dozens of patients who then died

Supreme Court asked to void Louisiana abortion clinic law

Apr 17, 2019

A Louisiana abortion clinic is asking the Supreme Court to strike down regulations that could leave the state with just one clinic

US 'concerned' over misused funds allegations at UNAIDS

Apr 17, 2019

The U.S. government says it is "concerned" about allegations of misused funds at the U.N.'s AIDS agency after a report by The Associated Press this week revealed ongoing financial and sexual misconduct problems at the agency

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