All shell, no shock: Lobster prices strong, season picks up

Jul 22, 2018

New England's lobster industry faces big new challenges in selling the seafood to Europe and China, but the trouble hasn't caused prices to budge much for American consumers

New UK Brexit chief: We may not pay exit fee if no deal

Jul 22, 2018

Britain's new Brexit chief has suggested Britain might not pay its 39 billion pound ($51 billion) divorce bill if no trade agreement with the European Union is reached

Democratic socialism surging in the age of Trump

Jul 21, 2018

In many states, democratic socialists are stepping up in Democratic Party politics

Analysts: Trump tariff threats unlikely to yield trade deals

Jul 21, 2018

Analysts: Trump tariff threats to China, Europe unlikely to yield trade deals

AP FACT CHECK: Trump offers skewed view of farm trade

Jul 20, 2018

AP FACT CHECK: Trump promotes a lopsided view of farm trade

Stocks end slightly lower as traders shrug off trade talk

Jul 20, 2018

US stocks finish slightly lower as a jump in bond yields helps banks but hurts big-dividend stocks

Markets Right Now: Microsoft leads gains for tech stocks

Jul 20, 2018

Stock indexes are edging higher on Wall Street as Microsoft leads gains for the technology sector.

Trump slams rate increases by independent Federal Reserve

Jul 20, 2018

Trump is casting aside concerns about Fed's independence, saying he's "not happy" with rate hikes

Global slavery report slams North Korea, repressive regimes

Jul 19, 2018

A new report says modern slavery is most prevalent in North Korea and other repressive regimes, but developed nations also bear responsibility for it because they import $350 billion worth of goods that are produced under suspicious circumstances

State governors delve into foreign diplomacy on trade war

Jul 19, 2018

State governors discussed ways Thursday to court foreign investment in the wake of President Donald Trump's trade disputes with countries including China, Canada and Mexico

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